Jennie Monness - Aniche Mom of the Month!

November 01, 2019 3 min read

This week we had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Jennie Monness, mom and mom-to-be and the successful founder of Mo' Mommies and Union Square Play. We talked about her business, being a fashionable mom and what surprised her about her pregnancy!  

Your style has always been perfection! How would you describe your pregnancy style?

Oh wow, that’s so flattering! I think of comfort first honestly. I have all of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy but my body is different and some of it just isnt comfortable so i wont wear it. Part of comfort for me is also looking and feeling good which is why I don't just walk out in pajamas (I do that but not for work haha) If i’m going to be “on” at work, i need to feel “on!” So I start with comfort but end with stylish before i walk out the door even if its a fedora or statement necklace with leggings and an oversized sweater.

What is the most surprising part of your pregnancy?

That i got pregnant in the first place. After going through a lot via IVF to get pregnant with my first, this was the biggest surprise to get pregnant naturally. Aside from that, its astonishing to me how depleted i can feel and yet i still go and go and go because how do you stop with a toddler? So i guess i’m surprised by just how much i can handle during pregnancy physically, emotionally and mentally.

You do it all! How do you manage mom/wife/work life with pregnancy?

Again, super flattered that it seems that way! I’ve said this during panels and talks but i try my HARDEST not to multitask. I realized that when I multitasked i would forget things, do things half way and everything was short changed. By truly separating each thing, being a mom when I’m a mom as much as i can, being at work and focusing on work as much as I can, and then being a wife when im with my husband as much as i can, makes me feel like I’m getting even more accomplished and giving more to each role. Obviously sometimes those roles overlap - I’m a mom and wife at the same time, etc. but you get the gist! One thing at a time as much as you can possibly do that, helps you do it all. 

Your teaching technique is motivating to so many. Where do you get your inspiration from?

From children. I’ve worked with infants and toddlers since 2008. Before that, i always loved children but never even babysat! I got inspiration from being thrown into a classroom of 2 year olds in the middle of Chinatown where none of them spoke a word of english and finding ways of connecting and communicating with them. That was through getting to know them, watching them, spending time with them, remaining present and really loving it. Overtime i’ve obviously gained inspiration from other sources, specifically the RIE® EDUCARING® Approach, the Reggio Emilia philosophy and a handful of INCREDIBLE educators, but it always comes down to remaining inspired by children. It’s why I still teach, to not ever be too far removed from staying inspired by them. 


Mentally, how are you preparing to becoming a mother of two?

Taking words of wisdom and advice from other mom’s of two. Truly looking to my mom tribe and asking what words they have to help me. I’m really mindblown even picturing how it will be and have learned through becoming a mom that i HAVE to ask for help. So that’s how I’ve prepared, i’ve asked for help and I have learned so much from other moms that help me feel more mentally prepared!
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