Meet Morgan- Aniche Mom of the Month!

April 19, 2020 3 min read

We interviewed Morgan (aka @mamainmanolos) as our Aniche Mom of the Month. She is breaking down Sleep Training and the incredible benefits (for you AND baby!)  We asked her all about it below!

What is sleep training?
Sleep training is helping your baby learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep independently.  

 How did you become a sleeping expert? What has been successful for you?
The moment I realized I was an "expert" is when my phone was going off constantly with friends and friends of friends wanting my help.  I quickly became known as the person to turn to when you wanted to have your child sleep through the night, as well as, nap consistently throughout the day.  Once I realized my technique worked for so many people I knew I was onto something.  

What are the benefits of sleeping training?
Besides getting your life back? Ha. Happier babies!  Babies thrive on structure and routine, they love knowing when they are sleeping, eating, and playing.  Sleep training provides them with this structure.  They are also much more productive during the day because they are well rested.  I always ask my clients, "How do you feel when you are waking up throughout the night?" They always reply with some variation of, "Tired, unmotivated, or crabby the next day."  Exactly! If you, as an adult, can't function properly without a good nights rest, how can a baby? It's a major ah ha moment.

Morgan wearing the "Madison Duster" in Metallic 

When should parents consider sleep training? How do you know if it’s a good time to start? 
It may sound crazy, but I started with my second baby the moment she was born.  She was born at 3:50 am, by 5 she was ready to eat, and I looked at my husband and said, "Could this be anymore perfect?! We can start prepping her for an 8-8 schedule right now." I'm not saying everyone can do that, but within the first few weeks you should start the preparation.  Getting a baby to sleep through the night is only half the battle.  If you don't properly nap train them as well it can be very discouraging in the long run.  I can't even tell you how many people get in contact with me because, although their baby is "sleeping through the night," they aren't napping.  Napping is the key to success.  It is how you function throughout the day.  Going to your favorite workout class, spending time with your spouse, that is all going to be because of nap training.

What are the factors to consider before starting? 
Of course if there are medical circumstances, they must be considered, but if not it's all about you being ready! If you are not ready to follow my plan fully, then the process won't work.  My method is scheduled out to optimize sleep, and everything I tell you to do is because I know it will result in success. Sleep training now is definitely optimal because everyone is home! 
Can you explain your method  to achieve healthy sleep? 
If I gave you the secret sauce I'd be out of business ;) Kidding, but in my opinion my method is different than other companies because I stay with you throughout the process.  Most companies provide you with an emailed schedule, and send you on your way.  It's extremely unrealistic to sleep train a child without being in constant communication with your sleep consultant.  I also only take on 5 clients at a time so that I am able to provide that attention .  At the end of a day I'm a mom, and I genuinely want this to work for my new parents, so I'm not going to leave them hanging until it does!
How can parents get in touch with you for your services?  
I'm mom blogger @mamainmanolos so they can DM me on instagram to set up a consultation.